I am no longer accepting 2018 or 2019 bookings, I'm sorry!

Please consider hiring my friend Addie Roberge Photography for your event.

Keegan Hobson Photography is based on the South Shore but damnit do we love Boston, Cape Cod, and Newport! Oh and Maine. And New Hampshire. And, well, everywhere really.


Wedding photography collections begin at $1,999. 

Contact us with details about how amazing you are and why we should work together, as well as your favorite dinosaur, and we'll iron out the details. 

Our ideal clients

We'll be honest: You have to be fun! But more importantly, photography has to be important to you. If your mom is making you hire a photographer, we're probably not a good fit for you. If we a little out of your budget but you are wicked awesome, lets chat, we are always willing to try and work something out that works for your budget if you tell us what your favorite beer is, what animal you'd be if you had a choice, and whether or not Tom Brady is your idea of the perfect human.


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