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The Lucky Booth a modern, open air style photo booth that's pretty much the best ever. Gone are the days of trying to cram into that little box with the low quality camera! Now, grab a bunch of your friends, stand in front of the professional camera and lighting, and strut your stuff in The Lucky Booth and make some memories!

Customize your prints for your wedding or event, choose a kick ass backdrop, add in some props and have a blast!

Pricing starts at just $699, contact us today!


Why us?

The great thing about The Lucky Booth is how flexible it is! You can use the booth for any kind of event: Wedding, fundraiser, corporate, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, reunion, the possibilities are (almost) endless! Want to customize your print to be a 2"x6" strip or 4"x6" print? We can do that for you with your info, your company name, event hashtag, graphic, whatever you want we can do. Need a modern photo booth that allows your guests to create a gif from their photos, post to Facebook or Twitter, or create a classic print? The Lucky Booth does all that.


Need another reason?

Our clients love us! We are attentive and communicate throughout the entire process from booking, through the event, until the (very quick) turnaround to get your images up into your online gallery. (Yes, all of your images from the event go into an online gallery where you can download them all, included in the price! No extra charge!)


We are Keegan & Jaimee, and we own this booth.

Jaimee and I bought this booth not just to expand the photography business, but to have fun with our clients, their families, and their friends. We love what we do, and this is our business. We are local, caring, and want to work with you. (Also, look at her face, she's SO CUTE!)

Book us today!

Use the contact form below to get the process started, or if you just have more questions. We're here to help and can answer any questions you might have about our awesome booth or the process.

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  • Can I choose my backdrop?
    • Of course! We include a textured white backdrop in our pricing but you can choose a gorgeous sequin backdrop for a small fee, provide your own DIY backdrop, or we can have one custom made for your event! 
  • Do you provide props?
    • We have a basic package of props available for purchase, or you can provide your own, whatever works best for you!
  • Can your awesome booth be setup outside?
    • Our awesome booth would love to be outside, but it's tough to do that because of the elements. We need cover of some kind, usually a tent or covered area is best for our beloved booth. Thanks for understanding :)
  • How much space does your booth take up?
    • Ooo good question! You're good at this! Our adorable, spectacular booth needs 8'x8'x8' at minimum with a three prong outlet within 20'. You're the best.
  • Does the lucky booth have walls? Can we add them?
    • Nope and nope. She needs to breathe. She's a free spirit, let her spread her wings and soar. (Technically Lucky doesn't have wings)
  • Can we be friends?
    • Yup! The more the merrier!
  • How much does it cost?
    • Time to get down to the nitty gritty! We are surprisingly cost effective, why don't you mosey on over to our pricing page and you'll see!